Welcome to the mariner documentation!

Mariner is a web interface for controlling MSLA 3D Printers based on ChiTu controllers. These are controllers commonly used on 3D Printers by many brands such as Elegoo and Phrozen, making mariner compatible with a wide range of printers.



Mariner provides the following features:

  • Wide range of supported MSLA 3D printers.

  • Web interface with support for both desktop and mobile.

  • Upload files to be printed through the web UI over WiFi!

  • Remotely check print status: progress, current layer, time left.

  • Remotely control the printer: start prints, pause/resume and stop.

  • Browse files available for printing.

  • Inspect .ctb, .cbddlp and .fdg files: including image preview, print time, slicing settings and other metadata.